Closed for Vacation

Posted by Nicole Whitney on


We will be closed starting 6/17/21 - 6/25/21. We will be out of town in Myrtle Beach, SC for baseball tournaments (and the beach) for the entire week! Instead of closing the website for the week, we are offering delayed shipping for all orders. All order will have to accept the temporary shipping terms at checkout.  Any order that is placed from 6/17-6/25 will be processed starting 6/28.



Follow us on Facebook Glitters Matter | Crafting Group for our team updates and daily flash sales. For instance, we will have Flash Sales according to the team wins, scores, home runs hit (example: if 5 home runs hit = 50% off), and more. 



You can also support and follow our baseball team on our team Facebook page Rise Black 12U  LET'S GO BOYS!!



Make sure you get your orders in by 6/16 to be mailed out before we leave! 



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