BRO CHIPS® product line is decorative Paint Flakes in two sizes; perfect to use under epoxy for a non-shimmer look. Solvent-Resistant. "Produced from pigments, resin, filler, and additives... They closely resemble thin vinyl and there is no color bleed when they become wet." 

  • BRO CHIPS® Collection
    • No sparkle; Solvent Resistant
    • AKA Man Glitter
    • Neon chips glow under a Black Light
  • Colors:  Solid, Mixes, & Custom Mixes
  • Size: Small (1/16") or Large (1/4")
  • Packaged:  in a re-closable zip baggie or for .75 upgrade to a shaker
  • Amount:  2 oz. - measure by weight not volume
  • You can purchase a shaker separately if it is not in stock