Snow Fall || She Shimmers - PERFECT FOR CHROME NAILS & Tack IT

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1 oz.  Rainbow/Opal/Iridescent Glitter; High-Quality Polyester Glitter - Packaged in a shaker; Glitter size:  1/256" 

  • Color:  White Opal 
  • Cut/Size: Fine Glitter; 0.004 (1/256")
  • Material:  Iridescent
  • Super Sparkle; Semi-Translucent Fine Glitter
  • High-Quality Polyester Glitter
  • Packaged in a 60ml shaker
  • Glitters are measured by WEIGHT and not volume

CHROME NAIL LOOK:  perfect to create a rainbow effect on your nails. Use different base polish for a different look.  Use it over a white base for a rainbow effect or over black for a golden green chameleon look.   

How to use on nails:

  • For gel application, apply over the tacky layer of cured gel polish, then seal with topcoat. Apply gel polish, cure under a 36 watts lamp for 60 seconds
  • For nail polish, rub the glitters on with your finger while nail polish is still tacky, then seal with topcoat. 
  • You do not need much to get results.  Lightly sprinkle the powder over the entire nail.  Then begin rubbing powder in using your fingertip, or a sponge applicator. After you achieve the look desired apply the gel top coat again, cure for 60 seconds, and then wipe away the tacky layer.  You can repeat the set multiple times to get a more mirror look.  For additional detail for applying to nails, please search the internet or ask a nail professional.


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